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Introducing HuntersMoon Wood Balm, a meticulously crafted blend of all- natural ingredients; our exclusive formula includes beeswax for protection and hemp oil for nourishment.

With a subtle and uplifting scent from natural essential oils, it is perfect for wooden furniture. It can be used on raw or stained wood to restore and refresh, and even to protect chalk or mineral painted furniture. Plus, it's an excellent stainless steel cleaner and a remarkable leather polish.

It's also a very good moisturiser for your hands as it doesn't contain any harsh chemicals.


How to apply Our Wood Balm:


Use the balm sparingly, either with a cloth or a chip brush; apply thin coats and wipe away any excess. Give it time to soak in, and then gently buff to achieve a subtle sheen. While you will immediately notice the difference, please allow a few days for it to fully cure.

When buffed, it produces a stunning, luxurious sheen that speaks for itself.

A little goes a long way.

Give it a try—once you experience its transformative power, you'll never want to be without it!



Beeswax, blend of natural oils ( Hemp, Coconut, Flax), Essential oils.


Please note, the temperature affects the consistency of this product - it will become much softer in warm weather and a little harder during the cold months. 

Wood Balm with Natural Blend of Beeswax and Carrier Oils

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